The Project

Love Wisconsin is a digital storytelling project that celebrates our state, our lives, and our shared future.

Our mission is to use storytelling and social media to bring about a more connected, compassionate, and engaged Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Humanities believes stories can break down barriers between us, inspire us to get involved, and help us recognize that we’re more alike than we are different.

We want this platform to connect Tommie to Tyrone, Mary to Kobby, Ma’iingan to Luke. We hope Love Wisconsin will connect YOU to someone you might not otherwise get to meet. Because we all share this big state, and we ought to get to know one another.


Starting in 2015, the small-but-mighty Love WI team traveled all over Wisconsin to find, collect, and share stories. Love Wisconsin became a way to celebrate the good in the Badger State. These stories lift us up, connect us, and show us a way forward.  

Over the years, Love Wisconsin stories have been read with enthusiasm and love. A community of caring, compassionate ‘strangers’ has grown. In fact, researchers have found that the Love Wisconsin Facebook community of over 100,000 is unique in providing a positive, empathetic space on social media. 

Wisconsin Humanities is proud to nurture and grow Love Wisconsin for all of us. Every person’s story matters, and we are honored to have this opportunity to meet and share and learn together.