"For acoustic guitar, I play pop music..."

Brian Hui Lee UW Student

Photos by Megan Monday

Bryan | Madison, WI

"For the piano, I learned to play classical music. My mom taught me a lot about theory, and how to recognize different notes and compositions. But for acoustic guitar, I play pop music. Specifically, 'Cheerleader' by Omi. You might want to search it up on YouTube. It's pretty popular."


"Biology and chemistry are the two sciences that I like the most...notwithstanding physics, of course!"

Bryan Hui Lee Madison UW

“In addition to the sciences, there is also my passion for helping others in need. Before college, I was in the army. I served in the chemical, biological, and radiological defense unit, which means wearing a gas mask and trying to defuse bombs. That experience gave me more knowledge about science itself, and helped me to see for myself how I'm able to help others."

-Bryan (1st generation) | Madison, WI