Caleb’s Love for History Inspires a Big Dream

Caleb charmed us with his quick wit and boundless energy. In fact, at first he was so fired up that we weren’t sure he was going to want to sit down for a “boring interview,” but he assured us he was game. We quickly learned that Caleb takes his intense energy and applies it with focus to all sorts of things, particularly his love for history.

Once he hears of something that captures his interest, he dives right in, researching in books, on Google, old newspapers, you name it. If you want to talk to Caleb about the planes that flew during WWII, you’ll receive an encyclopedic list of their features, weaponry, and his general impression of their merit. He may even pull one of his favorite toy replicas out of his pocket to show it to you.

Even more amazing was to learn about Caleb’s genuine concern for the earth and our environment. He has a big dream to make a difference (and impress his parents along the way).

It’s rare to hear such clarity of purpose from 12-year-old. We just felt lucky to witness it. As soon as the filming was over, we all enjoyed an impromptu dance party, Caleb-style.

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