“Being a role model to young ladies is a huge thing for me.”

I have the only Native American owned, woman-run cheer gym in the nation. It's neat because it brings a little bit of a different edge to it.

Photos by Megan Monday

Cherokee | De Pere, WI

“The business I own is actually on the reservation, and the tribe was great in helping us start. Being a Native American woman, being successful, being hard-working and positive, being a role model to young ladies is such a huge thing for me. I feel so honored that it was meant to be in my home-town: Oneida, Green Bay, Wisconsin.”

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“I love home and I will never leave, but there’s a whole world to explore. I always tell my girls, ‘Be whatever you want, do whatever you want, just always try hard, and don’t be scared to try.’ I recently went to London and it was nerve-wracking leaving, but the kids saw me do it, and some said, ‘You know what, I want to do that too.’

My hope is that we can broaden their horizons, but always bring that culture and fasten it back home.

Green Bay is a great city. It’s friendly, people like to be outdoors, and of course, we have the Green Bay Packers. People see a football team, but the way I look at it, it’s a reason for the community to get together. And everyone does, no matter what culture, what race, what kind of money they make, where they work. We are all this one huge support system, behind a football team. Not to mention the economic development. Sometimes you don’t think about it like that, but it’s something very special up here in the Green Bay area. People want to take care of their city, make their city better, make their city grow.”

-Cherokee | De Pere, WI

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