“I guess I’m a Sconnie now…Midwestern at heart.”

I'm from a suburb of New York City, and you just don't talk to people there. So I went back this past summer and my friends were saying, 'Conor, what are you doing talking to everybody? What is this?' I was like, 'Huh, I guess I'm a Sconnie now...I'm Midwestern at heart.'”

Photos by Megan Monday

Conor | Madison, WI

Conor has a great ride. It’s a vintage, bright orange bike with a retro horn attached (one of those old black-and-silver squeeze types.) Conor also has a big grin and a Midwestern heart, even though he’s from Jersey originally. Welcome to WI, Conor!

“I came to Wisconsin because I like cheese and crackers. That’s what I tell most people. Actually I came for school. I work for the IT department now, and I used to do software training. The support stuff, that’s what I like. We did consultations where we could just hang and show people whatever they are interested in knowing. That was the part I really dug. Helping people out.”

-Conor | Madison, WI

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