“There’s nothing like giving back by doing something you love.”


Photos by Megan Monday

Corey Matthew Hart | Madison, WI

"The holidays are a strong time for family. Since getting married and having kids, we have Christmas morning at our house. We go and cut our own tree in the snow...we listen to records, John Denver Christmas with the Muppets, Willie Nelson, Gene Autry. It's a great time of year just to huddle as a family."


“As a kid I had a Fisher Price record player thing and I had 45s of Elvis and things like that. I had a keyboard, a cheap keyboard in my bedroom when I was pretty young, but it didn't really stick. I did violin in fourth grade for a year and that didn't stick. Sax for a year in fifth grade, didn't stick, and then I started playing guitar summer before sixth grade and it stuck. Started doing choir in middle school and I started writing songs and playing and singing my guitar. I just had that music bug.”


Wintersong is all holiday and Christmas songs. Everybody picks whatever they want to do. Faux Fawn will probably have at least one or two originals, holiday‐themed stuff. We wrote ‘Christmas on the Isthmus’ for Wintersong. I also just like picking songs that sound good. Tonight we're singing ‘Rise Up Shepherd and Follow.’ It's Christmasy, it's about Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, but I wouldn't call it a classic Christmas tune, which is nice. It's fun to do that. Then the other song we’re doing is that Colbie Caillat really poppy song from the Hotel Café record. It's just a great experience, one night a year to hang out and have fun, be silly and enjoy watching your friends perform.” 


“A big influence for me in high school and college was Willy Porter. I was doing nothing for a year and was at UW-Milwaukee on and off for a couple semesters. During that time, I really dug into his style and loved every iteration he went through. He had a lot of lineup changes and still he plays for different people, he's just so flexible as a musician, so talented. To be able to see him in a really small venue on a random, off night of the week in Milwaukee...just being so physically close to it happening had a really big impact on me.”


“I’ve had bands on and off for the past five to six years. I’ve also played a lot of solo acoustic shows. They are totally different things. It’s fun to do both, I just love to play music, but I prefer the band.  It’s really great to play with all of these guys. It's nice to have all that extra input and learn and have a conversation on stage with the other people. Tonight is the first time we’ll be with Shane, our new drummer, playing all together. Our rehearsal was sound check.”

-Corey Matthew Hart (2nd generation) | Madison, WI