"I swear it was like a gateway to another world..."


Photos by Megan Monday

Debbie | Harrison, WI

“There’s a pond that I used to go to as a kid. First you had to go into the woods, and you walk and you walk and you walk, and suddenly it opens up into a meadow and pond. I swear it was like a gateway to another world. The sun shone just a little bit different. You hear legends of the fairy….it was almost like it was a gateway to that. There are these places in Wisconsin...if you go walking far enough off the beaten path, you can still find them."


We met Debbie at the Wausau Farmers Market, selling herbs and vegetables from her farm, Ethereal Gardens. She let us huddle under her tent during a quick summer rain, and charmed us with talk about northern lights and growing herbs.  

"The northern lights...now that’s something else. You can actually see the northern lights from Wisconsin. Last time I saw them was some years ago, but I had just gotten home, pulled up in my car and there they were. The light green. It was really astounding.”


-Debbie (1st generation) | Harrison, WI