Faces of Lambeau Field

We caught up with some enthusiastic (is there any other kind?) Packer fans at Lambeau field on game day.

Photos by Megan Monday

Packer Fans | Green Bay, WI

Mark: Why are we here? We’re here to see the Packers win.

Lizzy: I try to watch every game. We always talk about football in school; for some reason it just comes up as a topic, so I wear my jersey a lot and always make sure that everybody knows that the Packers are the best, even if they lose once in a while. My very first jersey was B.J. Raji, because of his touchdown dance at the Superbowl. It goes like this…

Karen: When you first walk into the stadium, it’s like, ‘Oh my God. This is what you see on television!’ I mean, this is where you’ve seen Lombardi on the sidelines, and Bart Starr…I saw those guys as a kid. I collected those football cards. Now here I am, an adult in her 50s, going to the games.

For three hours, this community of fans really comes together. Everyone forgets their differences and they solely are behind this football team. I’ve had a lot of positive experiences in the stadium with the fans. Had one guy lean over and kiss me after some great play happened, total stranger. Had younger guys buy us beers; you just make friends instantly. Everybody’s slapping, high-fiving, and cheering and chanting. It’s a special game day experience. I’m not so sure you’d get that anywhere else in the NFL.

Donna: The positive atmosphere, the camaraderie, the sense of common purpose for love of Packers, that’s what brings me to the game. I’ve been a fan my whole life, even during the sucky ’88 year. They’re my boys. I’ll never give up on them.

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Sarah: It’s the boys’ first game and we’re so excited. These bibs..we actually had to drive all over Green Bay to find them last night. It took five hours. But we’re going all out. We’re doing a *really* intense Packer initiation!

Corey: One fun thing we just started last year is that we’re having people sign the bus. We have signatures from people from I don’t know how many different countries that have visited us. You make a lot of friends. In fact, I have season tickets, but only go in the actual stadium maybe one game a year. The rest I just stay out in the parking lot because it’s almost more fun. We bring out chairs and everyone sits and watches the game. There’s a two-second delay between live and the TV, so if you’re watching the game out here and all of a sudden you hear the crowd go crazy, you know they’ve done something good.

Mark: I’ve been coming to the games since I was a little older than him. This one is his first! Well, this one we’re just tailgating actually. It’s a warm up. Next year I’ll take him to a real game, and bring the whole family.

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