“Everybody wants to understand where they belong."


Photos by Megan Monday

Faux Fawn | Madison, WI

Paul: Everybody wants to understand where they belong. To better understand your own home is a nice thing. To find your place in it, too. That theme of finding your identity or finding where you belong is written into a lot of our songs. One of our albums focuses on people from Wisconsin where we picked a part of their life and told that story, sometimes with some twists and turns that weren't there previously. We have another album called ‘Prairie du Chien’ that is based on events and people from Prairie du Chien. My grandpa had always told me stories about Prairie du Chien being the second oldest city in Wisconsin, and this happened here and that happened here. It has such an incredible history. That spurred my interest in it... just curiosity.


Paul: Wintersong is magical. The first year Anna Vogelzang put it together, I wrote a song taking a melody from each of the other songwriters that were involved and created a theme that we used for a few years. The event really has this pageant feel to it, like we're all kids again and we're putting on this show for our parents. Like, “I hope I don't get in trouble...we brought some booze.” It’s one of my favorite nights of the entire year. I've been looking forward to it for a long time.

I love the holidays. I have two small children, so now it's almost been re‐discovered for me. One of our traditions is to get the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, set up everything...just decorate. Listen to Christmas music. For Christmas we do a lot of travel to see as much family as we can. That's basically our tradition. We do Saint Nick, which is new to me. My wife always did Saint Nick as a kid, so now we do that as well. We do as much as we can.


Audre: Wintersong really helps the community get excited and amped up for Christmas. My family came up from Appleton, we had lunch with them, and they were like, "Oh, getting in the spirit now! Wintersong!" Everyone I've seen who are coming are excited to be a part of something awesome. Knowing all the money goes to a charity makes it even cooler to come. The Second Harvest Food Bank is a great organization and it's a great thing for the community to do, to give back. I love that I get to be a part of it.

I came to school here about ten years ago for photography. I always thought I was going to move to California or New York. Now I just go and visit and it's nice to come back. It's a great home base. It feels comfortable. I own my own business here. This place feels the most like home for me, so I stay.


Audre: Luke is the drummer; he's my boyfriend. He would come and do music at the studio with Paul. When we started dating about five years ago, I started singing harmonies while we were driving. He was like, "You should just join." I sang on the ‘Prairie du Chien’ EP for the first time. When we did that, Paul asked us if we wanted to be in the band. He was always just by himself and we would come in to do records. He was like, "This is dumb, let's all be in a band." That's when I started.

-Faux Fawn | Madison, WI