"All these farmers all helping each other... I was in awe."


"I remember as a little dude on the farm, we had threshing groups, threshing grain. My dad owned a threshing machine and one year we threshed with 15 different farmers. One guy would have thirty acres of oats, and you had forty, and I had fifteen.. we'd all change work. For me to look at all those farmers and that big machine, and just to see the whole process going on with the community, these farmers all helping each other. I was in awe."


"Once we had a big snowstorm and we went deer hunting. My dad was waiting for me in the pickup. When I came back, he said, ‘Did you get something? ‘Yeah.’ ‘Well, what did you get?’ ‘Well,’ I said, ‘What do you want? A buck or a doe? I've got one of each!’" - Gaylord, 4th Generation, WI