“If I’m fly fishing and I don’t catch any fish, it’s no big deal.”

Heidi is full of laughs. She’s infectiously vivacious, and had us smiling in no time flat. Heidi is a photographer in her hometown of Stevens Point. She’s also a nature lover on the board of Trout Unlimited, where she is working to get more women into the sport. Or working to get more people out in rivers in rubber pants. (She says that’s really the most important part.)

Photo by Megan Monday

Heidi | Stevens Point, WI

“If I’m fly fishing and I don’t catch any fish, it’s no big deal. In fact, half the time I just go out there with a rod so people don’t think I’m crazy. If I told my friends, ‘I’m going to go stand in a river in rubber pants for three hours just to be outside’, they’d think I was nuts. But with the rod, totally socially acceptable.” 

I cherish those times up north as a kid where we’d just jump in the lake in our clothes. We were so excited to get out there. I want to take my [future] kids and throw them in a lake, or in a kayak, or wade in a stream, and have them be able to enjoy all the same things that I enjoy out there."

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“We’re pretty nice here. I was in Chicago recently and somebody bought me a drink. I went over and introduced myself and thanked him. But he was giving me this sideways glance and so my cousin rushed in and said, ‘She’s from WISCONSIN. She’s just being NICE. She doesn’t want anything from you.’ I forget sometimes that we’re all so nice here that when you go other places it catches people off guard. But I love that. I love that about Wisconsin.”

-Heidi | Stevens Point, WI

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