“I’m just a chubby dude in the ring shaking his tassels.”

After becoming interested in cartoon superheroes on television a few years ago, Jordan decided to message the promoter of a local show and ask if he needed any help. The promoter responded with, “You look like a big guy. Why don't you come and wrestle?”

Photos by Megan Monday

Jordan Dietsche | Green Bay, WI

Jordan jumped at the opportunity and started training. “I’ve been wrestling for four years straight now. It’s been the second best decision I’ve ever made. The first best decision? My girlfriend. We’ve been dating for four years now, too!”

After Jordan started his training, he had to come up with one of the most crucial components of wrestling: building a character.

"I'm Gorgeous Jordy Lee. My character backstory is that...it's so stupid. Okay: My dad was a male stripper in the '70s. My character wanted to be a stripper as well, but he just wasn't very good. So he turned to wrestling as an outlet. Now he combines the powers of male dancing and fighting to crush his opponents.”

When Gorgeous Jordy Lee gets on stage, the male stripper-turned-wrestler comes to life…with an array of audience reactions.

“I do a kind of blend of comedy wrestling and a more serious style [of wrestling] and I just try and entertain the hell out of people. I dance around. I gyrate. I wear tights that should cover me up a little bit more but they don’t. I find that attracts two types of people. Women like me, but not in the way you’d think. They mostly like me because of my hair and that I’m the ‘fun’ wrestler. Then a lot of college bros really like me. I think because I’m relatable. I’m not like a larger-than-life character. I’m just a chubby dude in the ring in his underwear shaking his tassels.”

Jordan’s relatability won him some favors the first time he stepped into the ring. Although most people spend a long time training before they make their debut, Jordan had his first match after four months of training due to a lot of injuries in the field.

“My very first match was with a guy named SADIST. He’s like 6’5”, 270 pounds, bald, tatted up. Originally they just wanted him to squash me but he was like, ‘No. He’s a good dude. Let’s just see what happens.’ And I won actually, by reverse decision. He choked me out and he wouldn’t let go. 

Now I bring it up to him every single time I see him. He’s way bigger than me, and I’m like: ‘Hey! Hey Steve, remember the time I beat you in Luxembourg?.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, get over it.’ I’m like, ‘NO!’ Now he’s actually one of my closer friends in wrestling.”

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“I wrestle because it’s super fun, and also for the camaraderie. The same reason I did football and stuff like that in high school. We all go through similar hardships; it’s a struggle to get any kind of recognition…you’re at the gym five times a week. You’re watching what you eat and putting everything you’ve got into the ring every Saturday. Then we’re all on the road and we’re eating crappy food together. The money’s not very good, but at the end of the day you get to have a drink at the bar with these people who have become your friends.”

While talking to Jordan, we quickly noticed that he has one of those jovial, always-look-on-the-bright-side kind of personalities. He’s also a non-stop joke machine, so hanging out with him had us totally in stitches (which, okay, bad wrestler pun). Just when our sides were hurting from so much laughing, he asked our Nelson, “Hey, wanna see what it feels like to be flipped by a professional wrestler?” 

-Jordan | Green Bay, WI

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