"For three hours, this community of fans comes together."


Photos by Megan Monday

Karen | Madison, WI

"When you first walk into the stadium, it's like, 'Oh my God. This is what you see on television!' I mean, this is where you've seen Lombardi on the sidelines, and Bart Starr...I saw those guys as a kid. I collected those football cards. Now here I am, an adult in her 50s, going to the games."

Packer Gear Karen SmilePacker belt fan Karen

"In 1982 I moved up here. It was NFL strike year, so after watching the scabs practice I went across the street and signed up for season tickets. I just hoped that one day I would get them when I retired. It worked out well, because 30+ years later I got them, one year before I retired. I had been to games in the past through the generosity of other people, so now I love taking my friends. I'm in the new section, 15 rows from the very top..."
Packer statue Lambeau leap fan

"For three hours, this community of fans really comes together. Everyone forgets their differences and they solely are behind this football team. I've had a lot of positive experiences in the stadium with the fans. Had one guy lean over and kiss me after some great play happened, total stranger. Had younger guys buy us beers; you just make friends instantly. Everybody's slapping, high-fiving, and cheering and chanting. It's a special game-day experience. I'm not so sure you'd get that anywhere else in the NFL."

-Karen (3rd generation) | Madison, WI