“We found true sustainability in the community.”

Kathleen: We were looking to live sustainably, and moved to Viroqua. We love the landscape, but then we found community there. And we really value the people around us. I mean, really the only true sustainability is in the community, not in individuals.

Photo by Megan Monday

Kathleen & Kelvin | Viroqua, WI

Kelvin: We’re both professors, and I taught geology and environmental science for three decades. Toward the end I was teaching courses in climate change. After three years of that Kathleen said, ‘Well, what are we going to do about it?’ So we decided we were going to build a sustainable house. We have our own wind generator and we heat the house with the sun, too.

The whole idea was we've got this coming crunch and we want to learn about sustainable living and teach about it, as well, by example.

Kathleen: Sustainability means that you’re not bringing in a whole lot of resources from outside to keep yourself going, and we’re working on that. We’ve developed permaculture plantings, and the community here has wonderful herbalists and wild food cultures. It’s amazing what we’ve learned about eating weeds!

-Kathleen and Kelvin | Viroqua, WI

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