Lucy Thanks Her Teacher for a Lifetime of Adventure…in Books

Lucy's Wish for WI | Wausau, WI

Lucy has a grin that does not quit. We met her in Wausau on a sunny day in early summer, sitting at a picnic table in her side yard. Lucy agreed to be interviewed, as long as we could finish it up before her afternoon walk with her big sister to go get ice cream.

We asked Lucy what she wanted to talk about. Since it was June, first grade was a fresh memory, and she was keen to reminisce about her really great teacher, Ms. Romanski. Ms. Romanski taught Lucy how to read, and now Lucy loves, “The Berenstain Bears, Olivia…and lots of other books.” Another fun thing about Lucy is that when we shot this video, she had recently taken to wearing a pair of black glasses that she found at a thrift store and popped the lenses out of. Yes. She really is that charming. 

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