Love Wisconsin Conversations - Group agreement

Love Wisconsin Conversations is a group created to talk about the real life stories shared on Love Wisconsin. In the group, we’ll discuss the experiences of our storytellers, and how those experiences touch our own lives, our state, and the world we share.

The intention of the group is to connect with our neighbors, listen, share, and reflect with each other. Our personal experiences and perspectives may differ, and at times we may disagree, but our intent will always be to listen respectfully, aspire to connect, and learn. We want these conversations to be led by curiosity and rooted in love. Welcome.

Love Wisconsin Conversations Group Agreement:

• We share from our own personal experiences in order to learn as a group.
• We listen generously and respectfully.
• We open our minds to other points of view.

In action, this means*:
• I will speak for myself and from my personal experience. When talking about my beliefs, I will connect them to specific experiences or influences in my life.
• I will listen with the intent of understanding, not criticizing the views of others or persuading others to adopt my views.
• I will avoid generalizations. I won’t try to speak for a whole group of people, and won’t ask others to speak for or explain an entire group.
• Comments or posts should be relevant to the discussion and not self-promotion.

By participating in the group, I agree to the ‘Group Agreements’ above. 

We will do our best to moderate posts and comments to ensure we are sticking to our shared agreement. But we also welcome your help, as we want to build this community together. Please reach out to us with any or comments or concerns. Thank you for being here.

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* Note: Elements of this group agreement were drawn from the work of the Zeidler Center for Public Discussion. For more information about the Zeidler Center, please visit 


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