For Ma’iingan, Dancing Feels Like Home

Ma'iingan's Wish for WI | Madison, WI

Ma’iingan really floored us. She’s only 13, but she has such grace and self-awareness. Ma’iingan gets to be part of two different tribes in Wisconsin. She came into the Love WI headquarters with her mom, and we talked about dancing. Ma’iingan learned Fancy Dance, which is a type of dance done at powwows, inspired by her mother. Sitting side by side, playing off each other, it was clear what a strong bond they have.

Ma’iingan is also a spirited artist. Check out the way she mixes water colors on her hand, right by the base of her thumb. Painting is second nature to her, just like dancing. And when she dances, she floats. Watch and you will too, just by proxy.

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