Noah’s Big Day Fishing Inspires His Wilderness Wish

Noah's Wish for WI | Madison, WI

We’ve known Noah since he was four. When we first met him, he had a deep obsession with Legos and big love for a new little sister. He’s 10 now, and both of those things are still holding strong.

Another thing Noah loves is the wilderness. His dad’s family has a cabin in Hayward, WI (built by his great-grandfather in the 1950s), and every summer Noah gets to go there to fish, grill out, and swim off the dock.

Noah takes his binoculars with him and spends some summer days looking for birds, deer, and raccoons. He loves the lakes we have here in Wisconsin, and the forests. We know Noah will be a good steward. He already understands what we’ve got here, and he’s ready to take care of it.

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