"The Driftless...experience the oldness, the foreverness, the wisdom of it."


Photos by Megan Monday

Pat | Millville, WI

"Wisconsin...we get a lot of the normal jokes about Cheeseheads and stuff, but people we know come up to where we live and fall in love with it. We're deep in the Driftless area, and it's just stunning. And the community...it's like back in the early '50s and '60s, where neighbors knew everybody and were there to help."

Pat is a connoisseur of good food. We had fun talking about the farm-to-table movement in Wisconsin, and even swapped suggestions on what restaurants to check out. Mostly though, we talked about the Driftless. Little-known outside Wisconsin, and truly a treasure.

"We live in an old four-square farmhouse. It was built in 1898. We have a huge, huge pine tree in our yard that we call Grandfather Pine. When you walk through our area in the Driftless, you see the hills and the valleys where the streams cut through. You experience the oldness. The foreverness of it. The wisdom of it."

-Pat (3rd generation) | Millville, WI