"You put in long days, but boy… that always strikes me, the beauty of creation."


“There’s some beautiful days out on the land that you wouldn't see if you weren't farming. You put in long days, but boy… there’s times you’re out there… that always strikes me, the beauty of creation. And I didn’t grow up with that. So I’m just hoping I can take care of it and share it with other people.”
- Paul, 1st Generation, Wausau WI

We met Paul at the Wausau Farmer's Market, selling beef from his farm, NewGrass. He’s a man who loves the land here, and is working to raise beef cows in a sustainable way. He’s got good taste, because he loves something else found here in Wisconsin…

“I’m first generation in Wisconsin. The women brought me here.”
“I’ve always been concerned about the land, our environment and our health… that we’re taking care of both. I found that if I raised cattle right, I could positively impact both. Our management and stewardship of the livestock can be a benefit to both us and to our environment.”

“I’m a first generation farmer, and you need so many skills to be a farmer. You have to have a fair amount of knowledge in a variety of areas. From mechanics to biology, from the logistics of running a business and managing people to selling and marketing… I’m always learning.”