"Up North? How much further north can you get?!?"


Photos by Megan Monday

Roberta | Brookfield, WI

"I'm originally from New Mexico. But in Wisconsin I'm an up north kind of girl. We have a cabin in Eagle River, and it's my sanctuary. The first time I went up, it was early October and it snowed that day, which was completely unexpected to me. I had no idea it would be that cold and snowy. Absolutely gorgeous. We were sitting in front of a roaring fire. My children had only ever seen snow in movies...my son was just in heaven. He was five and he was just in absolute heaven."

Roberta didn’t know just what she was in for when she moved to Wisconsin from New Mexico. Beautiful, white, perfect snow. It can be magical.

"I didn't know what 'up north' was. I'm from New Mexico, so I'm here and everybody's saying, 'Oh, we're going to vacation up north.' I'm thinking, how much further north can you go? We're at the top…”


“The first time I went up north, it was magical. I walked through the forest and you had the deciduous forest and the pine forest and you have this spongy turfy stuff that just looks like something out of a Disney movie." 

-Roberta (1st generation) | Brookfield, WI