"I love the weather, I love the seasons, and I love the Packers."

Sam Wausau High School Football Player

Photos by Megan Monday

Sam | Wausau, WI

“I’m nervous but excited to play college football. I got contacted by a decent amount of schools and thought about going out of state. But I feel like Wisconsin is home, so I just couldn't do it. I’m going to Eau Claire.”

Sam is a classic. Sweet guy, high school football player, blonde. We met him during his last year of high school, when he was considering what college to go to. He decided to stay in-state, because, well, Wisconsin. It’s home.

“I think you choose not to leave the Midwest. It just feels like home. I love the weather, I love the seasons, and I love the Packers. So there you go.”

“My dad coached me throughout most of my youth sports, and my mom was always there to watch and support, so we all bonded through that. Plus my brother played, and you always want to be like your older brother, so I just did everything he did; I played every sport he played.”


“I play outside linebacker, and last year, at the second play of the game, I broke my wrist. The next play was being called in, so I looked at the play and then I looked at my wrist…it was already swollen. But I played the whole game, so I’m proud of that one. But yeah, it really hurt.”

Sam (4th generation) | Wasau, WI