“Farming fit the bill...”


Photos by Megan Monday

Stacy | Athens, WI

“We wanted to do something valuable for our community, and to be of service, and to live a healthy lifestyle, so farming kind of fit the bill. We’re first generation farmers and we’re just trying to learn everything we can. About 90 percent of our farming advice comes from YouTube.”

Stacy's farm is called Red Door Family Farm. When we met her she was seven months pregnant, had black earth under her fingernails, and a smile on her face. She and her partner Tenzin are first generation farmers, learning what they can about running a local, organic farm from the community (and the internet). They decided to get into this hard-work profession because they "noticed that the happiest people lived close to the land and were engaged with their communities. They worked hard, took pride in what they did, and prioritized their families. We decided to be farmers because we want to be connected to our community, be proud of the work that we do, and create a healthy, happy place for our family and friends."

“We used to live in Oregon, and everyone thought farming was like, the new, hip thing to do. But here in Wisconsin, people instead say, 'Oh! You’re going BACK to the land.' And that’s been hugely encouraging to me.”

“We have a 50 person CSA, and it’s our first year. We’re actually doing a lot this year. I’m pregnant again, due next month. And we built a house! My husband built it. So yeah, we’re keeping busy.”


“Having a CSA has been really fun. It’s connected us to a lot of different kinds of people that I wouldn't meet before. We have a bunch of CSA members that are into Crossfit, and I’m like, 'What? You exercise on purpose?' It’s really fun.”


- Stacy (1st generation) | Athens, WI