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Our digital storytelling project highlights stories from inspiring Wisconsinites like Jessie Garcia, Wayne Valliere, Michael Perry, Emily Auerbach, Arno Michaelis, and Pardeep Singh Kaleka, as well as stories about long-standing family-owned small businesses like Nina’s Department Store and Skinner Horse Logging. Our featured storytellers come from every corner of the state—from Hayward to Milwaukee to Door County to Madison. Scroll down to discover stories about our lives, our shared future, our Wisconsin.


Crickett Lochner | Yuba, WI
Annie Vang | Madison, Wi
Nancy Kennedy Barnett | Milwaukee, WI
Bobby Bullet | Iron River, Michigan
Corey Geiger | Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Samantha Abramson | Milwaukee, WI
Chia Youyee Vang | Glendale, WI
Werner Richheimer | Milwaukee, WI
Christina Schwab | Whitewater, WI
Song Siebert | Appleton, WI
Joel Baraka and Anson Liow | Madison, WI