Summer Lovin'



Hello Wisconsin!

Wow, summer is flying by. Lakes, playgrounds, barbecues, ball games... we hope you're getting outside as much as possible with the people you love. 

Today we share the story of Tyrone Miller from Milwaukee. Tyrone’s a DJ and a passionate advocate for youth. He grew up on 47th and Center and he's staying put in MKE...not only to spin jams as DJ Bizzon, but he’s staying to help provide opportunities for young folks. Check out Tyrone’s story, and learn more about how uses listening as a catalyst for change.

Check out sweet Ruby and the talented Wisconsin artist, Nick Wilkes, below too!

Til next time,

Love WI Team (Meg, Jet, Tom and Nelson)

 Wish for WI

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby! A gentle soul with a welcoming heart. Open your mind to new people, new ideas, new experiences… and click on through to hear Ruby’s story and her Wish for WI.

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 WI Artists

We launched a new series recently showcasing artists from our state. Nick was the first! He’s a photographer with an eye for the timeless; his images feel nostalgic and current all at once. We hope they resonate with you as much as they did with us.

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