How to Dine Out, #wiscostyle

What could be more #wiscostyle than a supper club?

Supper clubs are an icon of WI culture. The food is nourishing and ample, the decor is worn-in and homey, and the Old Fashioneds are always brandy (with muddled citrus, mkay?).

The Love WI team had a great time at Romy's, noshing on the relish plates and enjoying the chatter of old friends meeting, drinking, and dancing. We love how supper clubs are a nostalgic staple, a place to come together. 


Romy's had a band playing when we visited, so after dinner everyone shuffled on over to the dance floor and got their polka on. Everyone was doin' the Promenade, even the guy with the Cheesehead.  

Our thanks to Romy's for having us. And next time you have a dinner date, we recommend you go #wiscostyle.