Sylvia's Wish? All the dogs. All the cats. All the snakes... all of them.

Sylvia is crazy about animals. Like, really, really nuts about them. Her family has 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 8 snakes; and she loves all of them. Her whole family loves animals, and they also brew beer, which might seem unrelated except that they name a lot of their animals after beer styles. (Which, right?!? #wiscostyle, right there.)

Sylvia thinks it’s really important to rescue animals. Talking with her, it was easy to picture her future in wildlife management, or as a vet, or with the Humane Society. Whatever she ends up doing, she’ll bring a lot of love and a lot of passion.

Check out the little animal medley at the end of the video. We should have had her bring her snakes up from the basement!