The Love WI Project


As media-makers we’ve had some great opportunities to work in the world of documentary storytelling. Those projects are always a huge gift, because it means we get to travel with our cameras and our curiosity, oftentimes connecting with people that we otherwise wouldn't get the chance to meet. We get to ask questions, and we get intimate, real answers in return. Documentary storytelling grants unique access to someone else’s lived experiences. Inevitably we end up sharing some laughter, or maybe a few tears, some cheers… and we always walk away better from those experiences. More informed, more caring, more inspired.

We make media, and of course we also consume it. But the kind of stories we were looking for - positive, inspiring stories of everyday Wisconsinites - were not so easy to find. We could find plenty “bad news”, but not enough of the stories that could lift us up and show us a way forward. We wanted the story of Gary and Daniel, who found a creative way to fight hunger in their community, or the story of Henry, who shares the confidence to be true to himself, or the story of Dom and Iris, two committed teachers who create resources for the kids that need it most. We live and work in Wisconsin, and so we knew that these types of stories are literally all around us. So we wanted to celebrate the good… to shine a little light on the hard-working, humble, love-thy-neighbor qualities of the Badger State (and our quirky-cheesehead-characteristics, too).

All of this is to say that we believe that stories matter. We think they can light the way, inspire us, and connect us. Just like we get to meet people we wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to meet through our work, we’re hoping Love Wisconsin will connect YOU to someone you might not otherwise get to meet. We want to use this platform to connect Tommie to Tyrone, Mary to KobbyMa’iingan to Luke. We all share this big state, and we ought to get to know one another.

Love Wisconsin was created to share stories that break down barriers, inspire us to get involved, and help us recognize that we’re more alike than we are different. We’re hoping that sharing our stories with each other will lead us to a more connected, compassionate, and engaged place. We hope you’ll come along. 

- Jet and Meg
Love WI Project Co-Founders 

Cheeseheads.jpgHello World: the Love WI Project's first Facebook post in September, 2015