We tell WI stories.


Love WI is a collaborative project, and many folks pitch in on storytelling. Meet the main Love WI team members here: 

Jet Waller: Love WI co-founder, recovering VHS editor. Came to WI for love, stayed for the seasons and darn good people. Loves Spotted Cow on tap, the quiet of the Northwoods, and hanging off the side of a sailboat.

Megan Monday: Love WI co-founder, camera lens collector, the one with the magenta streak. Loves deserted Devils Lake at sunset, a lawn-full of summertime vegetables, the hills of the Driftless.

Nelson Cho: Love WI production/assistant-editor extraordinaire. Came for college, stayed for the curds. Culinary speciality is an asian-wisco mash up involving brats, eggs, and sriracha. Ownership of snow boots slowly edging out ownership of flip flops.  

Tom Kuplic: Love WI data-head and big-picture guy. "She-Vegas" boy who married his Euchre partner. Serious fan of hard rolls and fish fries. Resident source of knowledge about Bucks, Badgers and Packers. Knows that there is but one right way to cook a brat.