“For me, nature is everything…it brings me to life.”

The Yoder Family | Eau Claire, WI

Kendra is a young Wisconsin hunter who’s been wearing camo since she learned to walk. Her parents, Shane and Kim Yoder, started bringing her on fishing and camping trips when she was four or so, just to be with them out in nature and take it all in. (Plus, they joke that they didn’t have babysitters, so it was easier to take the kids along for the journey.) 

When Kim and Shane were growing up, girls weren’t often taught outdoor skills like hunting and fishing. Kim herself didn’t learn to hunt until she was an adult. (Shane taught her on their first date!) Now Kim and Shane are raising two strong, independent daughters, Kendra and Alyssa, and they’re teaching them outdoor skills of all kinds. There’s a humble appreciation and reverence that becomes second nature when you grow up with cultivated access to the outdoors. The Yoders have that in spades.

Photos courtesy of the Yoder family

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