“In retrospect, maybe these little outfits were a bad choice?”


Photos by Megan Monday

We caught up with some very colorful (and cold) participants at the Polar Plunge in Madison.

“In retrospect, maybe these little outfits were a bad choice?”

“I dunno man, my teeth are chattering too hard to think.”


“I participated once in the past, so this year I convinced my crew of friends to come jump with me.”
“Um, I don’t know if we should still be friends! ”
“Yeah, that’s up for debate!” (laughter)
“The story with the costumes is, we all work at a bar together in Janesville…unicorns are kind of the unofficial mascot there.”

Now an even rarer breed...the frozen unicorn. 


"We’re from the Monona Fire Department, Monona firemen. We joined a group called 'Hannah's Angels.' Hannah is a special needs girl that lives up in La Crosse. We know her family and wanted to jump on board with the cause, Polar Plunge, raising funds for the Special Olympics. So we’ve got our sea-going gear on, and we’re ready to get freezin’ for a reason.”


Meredith: "I’ve never done this before, but the event popped up on my Facebook page."

Naomi: "I told her it was a little crazy. I jumped in 2000. It hurts enough to remember."

Meredith: "I posted that I was going to do it, and people started donating to my page to support me! I felt really good about it that people wanted to contribute to the Wisconsin Special Olympics."

Naomi: "Jumping into a frozen lake for charity...only in Wisconsin, right?

Ever notice how everybody always has a ‘cool cousin from Wisconsin?’ Well, I love living here, 'cause now I'm that cool cousin from Wisconsin. I like that. And then just look at this lake! It's beautiful here. Check out these kids spending hours out here, just chopping at ice and being in the sun. That’s hilarious and awesome. They are out there for hours, amazed, they just love it. I love it too."