Wish for Wisconsin looks at Wisconsin through the eyes of children asking them to share their experience growing up here and their wishes for the future.

In July 2022 the Love Wisconsin team traveled to the Northwoods to work with artists Connie and Tim Friesen. Connie and Tim have worked on many mural projects in schools and opened a bistro and art gallery in Wabeno. We did a Love Wisconsin story feature on Connie and Tim in 2019 and knew they would be the perfect people to partner with. Eight children joined us and we talked about our wishes for Wisconsin, made a long list of wishes, and then each child painted their wish. (Spoiler alert: there is a great deal of love for our Wisconsin lakes.)

Below are the painted wishes of Moira, Evan, Sophia, Kiley, Jazmine, Layla, Willa, and Neena. Check out the videos of Evan,  Kiley, and Willa painting and describing their wishes. And a bonus short video of the Wabeno Wish for Wisconsin project in action.

From left to right: Layla, Neena, Evan, Kiley, Jazmine, Sophia, Willa, Moira. Photos by Catherine McKenzie


“My wish for Wisconsin is basically that we can have cleaner lakes and a better environment. And I just wish we can all live in harmony in Wisconsinin our little communities.” Evan Sorenson | Laona, WI

“My wish for Wisconsin is for everyone to have a safe home they can live in. So living doesn’t have to be dangerous for anyone.” Neena Osbourne | Marinette, Wisconsin.

“My wish for Wisconsin is that we would live in peace. And actually, I wish there were no robbers and also other bad people.” Layla Osbourne | Marinette, WI  

“I’m painting an ocean breeze with a sunset. I want to have peace in the world and for everybody to get along.” Jazmine Konitzer | Wabeno, WI

“My wish for Wisconsin is that we have clean lakes. Because people can enjoy them and swim in them, and that means that all the fish and the animals in the lakes can survive and have a happy life.” Willa Becker | Madison, WI

“My wish for Wisconsin is for people to stop hurting animals and for people to love each other.” Moriah Konitzer | Carter, WI


Sophia Konitzer | Carter, WI

“My wish for Wisconsin is equality for people and animals and more plants so that we can live longer and stronger.” Kiley Fry | Wabeno, WI